Discover the many services Mibody offers to help you achieve your best self.

MiBody is positioned both to satisfy a growing desire within all urban customers for a balance of wellness solutions. We will offer personal analysis, provide health solutions in therapy, nutrition and lifestyle.

Personal Training

We tailor each exercise program to your needs by combining strength, cardio and flexibility training. Our fitness professionals use goal setting and progress assessments to assist you in achieving faster results and optimal health!

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MiBody Bootcamp

We like to keep your fitness regime dynamic and exciting, therefore every class is different. Our personal trainers prepare total body workouts for each class.

Bootcamps are available in New Toronto and Roncesvalles!

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Functional Movement Yoga

A yoga class to build strength and resiliency, based on the functional movement patterns of the body. Come and explore the action patterns that are the basis of all movements in everyday life.  Training human movement patterns – pushing, pulling, rotating, squatting, bending, and reaching (to name a few) – creates:

  • Increased mobility to provide freedom of movement off and on the mat
  • Greater strength and control to support and enhance range of motion throughout the day
  • Ease and integrity in everyday actions to lay the foundation for a lifelong habit of sustainable movement
  • An increase in stability leading to greater coordination and overall movement capacity

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BootCamp for Runners

Finally, a BootCamp designed with runners in mind! RUNNERS REJOICE!
This running conditioning class is designed to strengthen and improve the muscles in the body to run efficiently. The muscles that a runner needs to propel forward can become so strong that they can overpower lesser-worked areas of the body, often leading to muscular imbalances.
Functional dynamic warm ups will raise your core temperature, lubricating your joints and getting you focused. Strength training will balance muscles in runners for injury prevention. A very specific set of exercises will improve core strength.
Includes hill repeats, interval running and cardio intervals, and drills for agility, balance and resilience and functional stretching techniques to improve flexibility.
Come prepared to run!

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Barre-based training blends elements of classical dance conditioning, Pilates, Yoga, and traditional fitness workouts into one dynamic class. Mindfully created by dancers and fitness professionals, use your own body weight, resistance bands, and light – weighted balls to lift, sculpt, and tone your whole body.

This program is designed for everyone – no dance experience is necessary. Reshape your body and transform your thoughts of what an exercise class can be!

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There is a commonly held conception that a strong core means a tight abdomen.  However, a tight abdomen is no guarantee that the core is working in the way in which it is designed.  This class will focus on getting the core to work in an optimal, sustainable way.  This will include:

  • Three-dimensional breathing.  Intra-abdominal pressure from proper breath supports the trunk so that other systems don’t have to compensate.
  • Activating, developing and integrating the pelvic floor and the psoas, along with the other components of the deep core system
  • Learning to activate the deep core before the superficial core, and developing the micro-movement patterns to keep it engaged

The ultimate objective of this work is to cultivate a responsive core – so for any physical task, the system knows what to engage, and how much to engage, without conscious thought.

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Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar has an emphasis on detail, precision, and alignment of the asana. The development of strength, mobility, and stability is gained through the asanas.

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Young woman doing push-ups at the gym


A full body workout designed to sculpt, tone and challenge even your smallest muscles. Varying movement and tempo to build strength, stability and muscular endurance.

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Interval Training

An energizing and addictive routine consisting of short blocks of strength and cardio with small breaks between. This class will increase your metabolism for up to 48 hours.

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