Discover the many services Mibody offers to help you achieve your best self.

MiBody is positioned both to satisfy a growing desire within all urban customers for a balance of wellness solutions. We will offer personal analysis, provide health solutions in therapy, nutrition and lifestyle.

Personal Training

We tailor each exercise program to your needs by combining strength, cardio and flexibility training. Our fitness professionals use goal setting and progress assessments to assist you in achieving faster results and optimal health!


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MiBody Bootcamp

We like to keep your fitness regime dynamic and exciting, therefore every class is different. Our personal trainers prepare total body workouts for each class.

Bootcamps are available in New Toronto and Roncesvalles!

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Registered Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is defined as the manipulation of soft tissues of the body to release tension, relieve pain, and correct postural imbalances. Massage Therapy in Ontario is regulated by Health Canada under the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) and is recognized by most private insurance companies.

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Osteopathy is healing through body’s innate ability to self-regulate and to heal itself. This deeply therapeutic approach addresses every system to restore function and reduce the complications that are preventing your body from healing itself. It uses scientific principles that the structure of the body functions as a unified whole.

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Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

A great workout needs the proper fuel, rest and recovery. You will learn how to enhance your results with our completely unique and holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle

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Resilient Body – For Yoga & Life

A class designed for all levels of students to learn therapeutic exercises geared to bring resiliency, strength, mobility and functional movement to the body.  This class incorporates corrective exercises, pilates, yoga and restorative poses to bring healthy, organic movement to the body.  This class will compliment and enhance any exercise or movement practise and is suitable for all levels including those limited in weight baring on the wrists and knees.

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Not all cardio is created equal.

This is an energizing and addictive “Max Interval” workout routine consisting of short blocks of strength and cardio exercise with just enough time to catch your breath, sip some water and get right back to work. This workout will increase your metabolism and keep your body in in fat-burning mode for up to 48 hours.

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Barre-based training blends elements of classical dance conditioning, Pilates, Yoga, and traditional fitness workouts into one dynamic class. Mindfully created by dancers and fitness professionals, use your own body weight, resistance bands, and light – weighted balls to lift, sculpt, and tone your whole body.

This program is designed for everyone – no dance experience is necessary. Reshape your body and transform your thoughts of what an exercise class can be!

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Women’s Martial Arts and Self Defence – Level 1

This 10 week women’s course teaches self-defense techniques while incorporating aspects of traditional martial arts Kung Fu, Aikido and Qi Gong. Focus is placed on breathing and controlling adrenalin in order to properly react and implement self-defense training. Martial arts training will emphasize footwork, punching and kicking techniques from traditional martial arts. Students will go over possible attack scenarios and learn how to defend themselves against those attacks.

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MiPlay Kids

Get Creative and Play! Starting September 12 from 4:30pm – 5:30 pm. This class is designed for children 4 – 12.

Florence leads this 8 week adventure series through a variety of Games, Crafts, glow in the dark Kids GROOVE Dance parties and Obstacles Courses. At the end of each class we gather for an imaginative mindfulness meditation.

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Kids Martial Arts and Self Defence

There are many benefits from the martial arts for children. It improves their fitness coordination and social awareness.

This program incorporate techniques and exercises from the traditional martial arts, such as Kung Fu and Aikido. While martial arts promote exercise for the body, it also emphasizes exercise for the mind. Kids benefit from seeing firsthand how their body and mind work together. Children learn specific skills such as poses, stances and movement.

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Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar has an emphasis on detail, precision, and alignment of the asana. The development of strength, mobility, and stability is gained through the asanas.

Young woman meditates while practicing yoga. Freedom concept. Calmness and relax, woman happiness. Toned picture

Yin Yoga

Join me in this unique yoga style of movement, and mindfulness. Yin Yoga explores long holds of postures to maximize tension release, increasing flexibility and circulation. Spend 3-5 delicious minutes with every pose, from hip openers, chest openers and deep shoulder stretching. I really do believe that if you incorporate a yin practice into your weekly fitness regime it will create a more well-balanced version of the awesome you!  All levels.

Young woman sits in yoga pose with city on background. Freedom concept. Calmness and relax, woman happiness. Toned image

Rise & Align

Start your day off right by aligning with your body, breath, and intention to find the perfect balance of effort with ease both on and off the mat.  Expect to challenge yourself and build up a purifying sweat from the in side out as you develop strength, flexibility, balance and concentration. Beginners and experienced yogis alike will leave with new discoveries and a sense of what it means to truly be aligned!

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A full body workout designed to sculpt, tone and challenge even your smallest muscles. Varying movement and tempo to build strength, stability and muscular endurance.




Drop-in $20
4 class pass $76
6 class pass $111
8 class pass $139
10 class pass $170
12 class pass $199

The class pass is interchangeable. A pass will give you access to all of our classes and discounts to workshops.
*all prices are subject to HST
*class passes will expire 2 months after purchase date.


Kids Martial Arts*

1 month $129
3 months $300

Women’s Self Defense*

10 Weeks $350

*all prices are subject to HST

Registered Massage Therapy*

30 minutes $50
45 minutes $75
60 minutes $90
75 minutes $105
90 minutes $120

*all prices are subject to HST


Initial Assessment $90 (may include treatment)
Treatment $60
ReAssessment $70


Initial Assessment and Treatment $120
Follow-up Appointment $120

Nutrition Consultation*

Nutritional Q&A $39

Nutritional consult and assessment $149
Includes 30 min assessment, 30 min grocery or health food store tour, and 30 min follow-up appointment.

*all prices are subject to HST

Personal Training*

60 minute private session: $69

30 minute private session: $39.99

Partner personal training (couples, mom & daughter, friends) – $49.99 per person/hour